"the smartest golftool ever"


map18 golf positioning system 

The innovative golf course guide, unique the world over.

map18 supplies the player with all the course information relevant to the game in the simplest possible manner and in the form of a small, handy booklet, and therefore free of electronic aids.

All holes have been precisely mapped using the most modern aerial photography and surveying techniques to create fairway plans in a manner never seen before. In combination with the unique map18 scale (EP-Patent Nr. 2 277 159, US-Patent Nr. 8,545,348), the maps provide a "smart tool" from which all the course information required for a golf drive, including the precise distances, is permanently and easily visible.

map18 enables you to do without all electronic aids which can be such an irritation to flight partners.

Golf traditions and sportsmanship are retained and the flow of the game is promoted using map18.