map18 course guide

Consisting of the map18 course guide with the associated map18 scale (EP-Patent Nr. 2 277 159, US-Patent Nr. 8,545,348)

Contents of map18 course guide:

  • Contents of map18 guide
  • Title page
  • Golf Club informations
  • User informations
  • Local rules
  • Fairway plan (holes 1-18)
  • Green view
  • General map
  • Legend
  • Course rating
  • Scorecard
  • map18 distance notes
  • Impressions
  • Pocket for map18 scale
  • Advertising pages if required

It goes without saying that we specify the precise content and extent together with our customers. map18 does not supply cheap mass goods but a product precisely tailor-made to the customer's requirements - at the highest possible content quality, both technically and graphically.


Example of a map18 course guide

map18 implementation variations

  • map18 course guide classic
  • map18 course guide professional
  • map18 course guide tournament

We would be happy to inform you about all the technical possibilities.

Personalised special editions

All map18 variations are also available as personalised special editions (e.g. for invitation tournaments with name, date, occasion and flight partner). If you send these out in advance with the invitation you will achieve a high emotional impact because you are not just creating anticipation, but you also have specific practical benefits (introduction/preparation for the course which may well be completely unknown) and, of course, a wonderful souvenir of an unforgettable day. A personalised map18 guide is a very useful little present which will be put to use more than a few times, and which will also be shown to other people and, as it is printed product, will obviously offer an excellent and refined presentation platform for potential sponsors.


Print & quality

The map18 guide is a high-quality tool for the demanding golfer.
To match this, the paper and printing quality are at the highest level.

  • matt-laminated paper
  • water resistant
  • writable and erasable
  • low sun reflection
  • paper made of pulp from well-managed forests